Get the dish on Melba!
Here's what other celebrities have to say:

"Melba is the Best!"-Jimmy Angel, 50's Teen Idol

"Melba is a true country music innovator!"
-Billy Block, creator & host of Billy Block's Western Beat

"For Pete's Sake: The Ironin' Maiden of L.A.'s country scene, Melba Toast
helped boost The Late Mr. Pete Show's rating past Arsenio Hall recently.
Miss Melba is a fixture on the scene as a singer, media personality and
-Billy Block, Music Connection Magazine

(No Comment)-Andrew Dice Clay, comedian

"Melba is the greatest! A true entertainer."
-Tony (The Wild Man) Conn, 50's rock star (Like Wow!)

"Ms. Melba is the country girl of hairspray couture Hair!"-Morelia Cuevas
(The Kosher Taco),
daughter and granddaughter to the designers to the stars
(Manuel & Nudie)

"Melba has something really special to offer."
-Vic Dunlop, comedian & producer, The Johnny Droid Show

"Melba Toast's Ironin' Maidens Revue...their beautiful harmonies, hokey
delivery and oustanding showmanship left nothing to be desired."
, Country Times

"Melba Toast is the Most!"-Glen Glenn, 50's rockabilly legend

"Melba Toast is Minnie Pearl without the pricetags!"
-Watson Garmon, Los Angeles Country Examiner.

"Melba is the only woman who knows how to dress for the Opry!"
-Douglas Greene (Ranger Doug), Riders in the Sky

"Melba is a flower amongst the stones."
-Wylie Gustafson, Wylie & the Wild West, Rounder Records artist

"Melba is a really great Mistress of Ceremonies!"-James Intveld, rockabilly
artist, actor, voice of Johnny Depp in John Water's
"Cry Baby".

"Melba sure is a fluffy thing!"-Wanda Jackson, rockabilly queen

"Besides being all-gal, Melba is a tremendous talent ushering in a new era of
entertainment in country music."
-Cledus T. Judd (no relation), comedic
recording artist

"Melba Toast is the best Ironin' Maiden in the land!"-(Boss Lady) Katy K,
Ranch Dressing(retail) and Katy K Designs(couture stage wear)

"Melba Toast, the Queen of Self-Promotion!"
-Tom Kenny, comedian, actor
Shakes the Clown), voice and star of "Spongebob Squarepants"

"Two big thumbs up for Melba Toast!"-Sam Kenison, comedian

"The incredible edible Melba Toast, the last real woman on the face of the
-Johnny Legend, rockabilly artist/writer/producer/performer/film
archivist/wrestling promoter
("The Sultan of Slease")

"Melba and I would make beautiful children together."
-Jay Leno, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

"Melba is the undisputed Queen of Country Music in the L.A. area...the heart
and soul of country music."
-Ronnie Mack, Ronnie Mack's Barndance

"Melba is just wonderful!"-Rose Maddox, country legend

"I was the original 'Hard-Rockin' Mama' , and now you've got Melba Toast!  I
really like what she's got goin' on!  She's keepin' our music alive!"
-Janis Martin, 50's rockabilly legend (The Female Elvis)

"Purtiest lil' philly I ever roped!"-
Monty Montana, star of stage and screen

"Melba is one of the greatest vocalists of this century"
-Carlotta Monte, author, "W. C. Fields & Me"

"Melba's not just a woman.  She's a force of nature!"
-Neil Mooney aka Florida Slim

"...the pistol-packin' Melba Toast, a hillbilly/rockabilly character who fires up
her guns once in awhile when she gets all excited..
.-Scott Morrow, L.A. Weekly

"(Melba)...the toast of L.A....offers some of the most refreshing new material to
come down the country music pike in a long time.  Melba can deliver a song
sweetly, yet she'll belt one out with gusto from her heart and her gut.  She
incorporates humor into a lot of her lyrics, so she may well be one of our
foremost "novelty" songwriters of the '90's  Besides that, she's one of the most
colorful characters I've ever met!"- Alice Nichols, C&W Variety

"I have one word for Melba: YeeHaw! Oh, and another one: Professional."
-Jon Stewart, The Jon Stewart Show, The Daily Show

"Melba should and will be a big star."
-Brian Setzer, The Stray Cats, Brian Setzer Orchestra

"Melba Toast is the reigning Kveen of the Vhite Trash Cultchah! Vhen she made
an honorary visit to Smokesylvania she left a lasting mark. This vas Crisco Oil
everyvhere! To this day vhen Smokesylvanians eat Crisco Oil and harmony grits
they foist deliver the prayer,  "Hail Melba, Vild Voman of Trash, ve thank you
for our daily grease!" And remember, the skveeking vheel gets the grease, and
Melba soitinly skveeks poifectly."
Count Smokula, Rockabilly Vampire and Cult Icon

"Melba Toast, the Toast of Country Music" "I don't know how anyone can look
that good this early in the morning!" "I don't know what she does, but whatever
it is, it's got to be illegal in 40 states!" "If I had met her back when I first
discovered Tennessee Ernie Ford, Melba would have been a big star too."

Cliffie Stone, Member, C&W Music Hall of Fame

"I love what Melba is doing! You can't beat the look!"
-Marty Stuart, MCA artist

"Melba is the Laurie Anderson of Country Music!"-Steve Van Gelder, fiddler

"Melba smells pretty good."-Steve Werner, The Sleepwalkers

"(Melba is)...the sexiest woman on earth!!!"-John Whiteleather, The King Rats

"Ronnie Mack's Barndance welcomes an awe-inspiring performer who brings
twisted Minnie Pearl corn, an extravagant theatrical streak and eye-popping
fashion sensibility (that goes over even John Water's pointy head) to the
Pal-ready or not-it's that little ole country gal, Melba Toast."  "...extravagantly
theatrical hillbilly vaudeville diva and visionary empress, Melba Toast."  
"...always fabulous ultra-maxi bouffant performer, Melba Toast."  " of the
most elaborate and oddball weddings of country music and theatrical corn
mounted anywhere.  Miss Melba, an inspired talent, is tops.  Something like a
Martian Elly Mae Clampett, toast has an artistic vision that's unlike anything
known to man...A must see for fans of the American Bizarre."
-Jonny Whiteside, L.A. Weekly

"I know exactly what Melba's doing, and I like it."
-Dwight Yoakam, Reprise Records (Warner) artist, actor (Slingblade)
Melba   Toast's